In order to maintain transparency in how our services work, we have assembled this section to explain in detail a few important points.



No matter which sector you have a business in or the type of service or product you provide, there is no guaranteed outcome for the number of valid leads that can be generated. Certain leads that are generated might have an incorrect phone number or email address but this only occurs when a customer has failed to update their contact information, in this case, we will do our best to get the correct information to you upon request.


The reach of your advertisement depends on your content, target audience and budget. Our basic package will give you a minimum reach of 280 - 750 targeted customers per day for 30 days (estimates for the state of GOA only). We will make sure that your advertisement meets all professional design standards. We use only the best image content and SEO rich quality written work to help your ad perform at it's very best.


Audience Targeting

Audiences are targeted based on various company-specific details, these can range from simple things such as people who are interested in a service that you provide, to extremely specific details such as a complex array of interests, employees of a particular company, job description, online purchase tendencies or based on income level. You can contact us to find out more about our targeting. For privacy reasons we will not target individuals but you are welcome to upload your mailing list for remarketing purposes or have us target people who have the same interests as those of your existing customers.


Our advanced Digital Marketing packages provide detailed targeting along with individual customer profiling. This can be quite beneficial in the application of recruitment. To know more about our advanced packages please contact us directly.


Photography Services

Our special offer packages provide for services within the state of Goa and consist of a basic five-hour shoot. This can be used for an event or a product photo-shoot. The details regarding any specifications in design can be discussed with the Photographer before the shoot, preferably a day in advance so that we are ready to give you the best. For photography packages in other destinations please contact us directly. We offer Premium Photography and Video Production Services that can cover a host of products and events. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up and check out our Member's Page.


We are able to cover almost any event using multi-camera set-ups with control units and switcher boards for which we will provide a dedicated team of talented professionals. If you are looking out for aerial footage we have got you covered there as well. We will even be able to provide camera assistance for outdoor and more rugged shoots that involve specialized camera stabilization systems.



We make use of Facebook's Ad Manager and Power Editor to help create relevant ads for your business. Although the use of this software is freely available, it takes an in-depth knowledge of audience targeting and the customer acquisition process to be able to use these tools most effectively. Besides the lead generation ad's we can also make a range of other types of ad's for you, ranging from local awareness ads to app installations to page likes and website signups. To get a complete list of the types of ads we provide please contact us directly. Though our company is fine tuned to the intricacies of Social Media Digital Marketing, we also provide Google Advertising Services which include Ad Words, SEO Related Services, Display Network and Re-Marketing ads.


Video Editing

We provide video editing services that come included with every video production package unless requested otherwise. Our shoots are planned out in advance. This is done after taking into account the editing process that would proceed. So it's best that we edit the videos we shoot for you. In addition to our production packages we also provide video editing services as a separate package. The rate for editing a video generally starts from Rs.5000 for a 3-minute video with basic titles (subtitles not included) and it also includes licensed soundtracks. For more intricate and complex projects the rates would depend on a number of factors. These can range from script requirements, stock footage inclusion, subtitles, promotions, 3D Logo intros, animated clips, professionally recorded voice overs, etc. We use only the best quality footage for our videos, and can output in Full HD and 4K resolution. Our Editing Suite uses only the best and latest licensed editing software so you never have to worry about playback issues.

Social Organic Marketing 
This is the process of creating relevant content for your social profiles. For example, a small write-up with a picture
or an interesting article about your company. this content is then posted through your social profiles to the audience you are 
targeting. Once interested parties see your content and are interested in your product they will contact us through 
your social profiles, we can then give them some basic information that you wish to provide and then put them directly 
in touch with your company.  The basic package starts with 3 posts per week.


Social Sponsored Marketing
This is the second part of Social Marketing and it includes dedicated advertisements that we pay networks to display.
The basic package includes two types of advertisements. The pricing for the ads include the budget for them.

1) Lead Generation 
   This advertisement is intended to generate Leads for your business. it is an interactive ad that is optimized for both 
mobile and desktop and will allow you to get the details of interested parties which include mobile number, email address, full name,
budget, and any other question you would like to ask. 
This package includes one Lead Generation Ad with targeted audience with unlimited revisions.

2) Website Click 
   This advertisement is designed to send interested parties to your newly created website so that they can book a site viewing
or so that they can leave their details and get in touch. this ad will be displayed on multiple networks and in different 
dimensions. The package consists of Six well designed Ads with a targeted audience and unlimited revisions.    

Google Unique Mailbox
This mailbox is required for creating a LinkedIn page for your business and also gives a very professional feel
to your company. the mailbox is also used to list your business in various online directories.

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