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Our Profile


We are a Digital Marketing & Media Agency located in Goa, India. We provide in digital marketing and content creation services. Our media solutions include graphic design, photography and video production. We plan, implement and monitor digital marketing campaigns to that help businesses communicate and interact with their target audience.

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Our Vision

To provide suitable media and marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to longstanding, established brands.

Sharlene Pinto (M.B.A., B.B.A.) is the Marketing Strategist at ICED Solutions.  “I was taught Marketing by my guru Mrs. Isabela Andrews. She was the marketing teacher at The Indian School, Bahrain. She was a phenomenal teacher. She made the subject relatable to our daily life. Spotting marketing strategies became like a game. I have always loved observing people. My key interest is using consumer psychology to influence consumer behaviour through well planned and executed marketing communications strategies. I enjoy giving brands a voice with a clear and concise message. I love to conceptualise, co-ordinate and execute campaigns. Nothing thrills me more than meticulous planning and analytical thinking. I enjoy learning so if I do not know something I do my own research and I ask a lot of questions. Honesty is always the best policy.  I am a nerd.”

Joshua Dcunha (B.A. Mass Communications) is the ICED Solutions Founding Father. “I started this company with the aim of helping small businesses get more clients through an online presence. I help them understand the psychology behind choosing their target audience and scaling their business. Since our start back in 2015 we have worked with many small and a few large businesses each with their own set of challenges and rewarding experiences. I am passionate about photography and video production and I love telling stories through film.”

We specialize in meeting all your digital media needs with our graphic design, photography and video production services. Our digital marketing solutions are designed to suit your business needs and budget.  We work with our clients to create and implement innovative solutions that deliver targeted and effective communication. Our custom made solutions and hands on approach ensure customer satisfaction.


As a young company, we have a fresh approach and have been able to maintain cutting-edge knowledge of many mainstream applications. We believe good design is the product of observation, conversation and collaboration. We don't want clients and suppliers. We want partners. We believe good design doesn't start with formats or platforms. But that it finishes with them. That it is as much about getting there, as it is about arriving. That it requires curiosity and bravery. We believe in the road less travelled.

SEO, SMM, PPC, Video Production, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Website Design

We  provide media and marketing solutions for for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to longstanding, established brands.


Our capabilities span the entire process from early development to final execution. We build visual solutions that are appropriate for your image and your target audience. We make sure you succeed in projecting a lasting impression of your company's image on your targeted clientele.

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